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Number 1, Street 10, Song Than 1 IZ, Di An Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province
Số nhân viên: 100-200
Jotun Paints (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is a 100% owned subsidiary of Jotun A/S Norway (www.jotun.com/ap) - one of the world's leading manufacturers of decorative paints, marine, protective and powder coatings. The group has 71 companies and 36 production facilities on all continents. Jotun products are available in more than 90 countries through own subsidiaries, joint ventures, agents, branch offices and distributors. Jotun's total sales in 2012 was NOK 15,852 million, and has more than 9,000 employees. The Jotun Group is organised into four segments and seven geographical regions, and has its head office in Sandefjord, Norway.
Jotun has been presenting in Vietnam since 1994, with first production facility in operation from 1998. In November 2004, the King of Norway opened our factory expansion project during his official state visit to Vietnam. As of today, our production capacity has reached ten millions litter and another expansion plan is underway to prepare for further development in all market segments we are operating.
As one of the most visible Norwegian brand with long establishment in Vietnam, Jotun is now the market leader in Marine and Protective Coatings segments, growing rapidly in Decorative Paints with unique Multicolor technology. With integration of Powder Coating business into the company in August 2010, our major strength and differentiation have taken another step forward with combined synergy in providing the customers a total solution for all their coating needs – the Single Source Solution.
We are now seeking suitable candidates for the following position, working in Binh Duong, where Jotun provides international working conditions/environment besides taking good care of the employees benefits.
At Jotun, we believe people is our most important asset and therefore, has utmost focus in developing competence and strongly demonstrate our values: LOYALTY - CARE - RESPECT - BOLDNESS
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Jotun Paints (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. tuyển dụng

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Jotun Paints (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.


Jotun Paints (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. tuyển dụng

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