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Số 12B11, Khu dân cư 918, Phường Phúc Đồng, Quận Long Biên, TP.Hà Nội
Website: http://www.hanoiplasticbag.com
Công ty cổ phần túi nhựa Hà Nội (Brief name: HANOI PLASTIC BAG JSC) is a professional Vietnam manufacturer of plastic bags, shopping carrier bags from polyethylene: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE materials with variety of products:

T-shirt bags on roll, t-shirt bags block, die cut handle bags, blockhead bags (header bags), soft loop handle bags, food bags on roll, patch handle bags, rigid handle bags, tri-fold bags, drawstring bags, Coextrude bags, plastic bags with glue tape and garbage bags (star seal, c-fold, z-fold, draw tape, drawtape bags).
We can print CMYK 16 colors (8 colors per side) and 100% ink coverage which no Vietnam manufacturer can do it. Moreover we can print both Gravure and Flexo at perfect quality.

Especially we supply biodegradable bags, degradable plastic bags with additive STARCH CORN, EPI, D2W or BIOCOM in order to protect our environment. By the year 2010 our capacity grows up over 14 000 MT per year.

With factory's space area of 38 000 square meters and 6 workshops together with high speed and brand new machines from Taiwan, Japan and China and experienced man-power, we can satisfy almost worldwide customers’ needs.

We will serve our clients from beginning to the end process: bag consulting, graphic design, film extrusion, printings and logistics of finished goods. Our mission is to provide customers with "Quality Products, Best prices, In Time Delivery and Immediate feedback".

Customers should send us your specific inquiry details: materials, handle, size, thickness, bag color, print or not, quantity, packaging and pictures to our company email: info@hanoiplasticbag.com or any Sales email, we will offer you cheapest prices immediately. Please note that our competitive prices depends on your order's quantity per shipment or per year.
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Tim viec lam


Viec lam


Công ty cổ phần túi nhựa Hà Nội tuyển dụng

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Công ty cổ phần túi nhựa Hà Nội


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Tim viec lam

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Viec lam

Viec lam, tuyen dung    

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